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Sell Your Car

Looking to sell your car? Many of our customers have trusted us to take care of things when the time comes to part with their existing vehicles. We offer different options depending upon the age, model, mileage and condition. For those that would like a fast sale, we offer competitive valuations on outright purchases. Elms can also help by selling cars on behalf of customers who see the benefits of selling through a trusted dealership rather than having the hassle of advertising it themselves.

If you would like to sell your car to us, then tell us as much about your vehicle as you can using the form below and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Valuation Form
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To give you a valuation, please start by providing us with your vehicle registration and mileage.

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So that we can send you your valuation, please provide us with your contact details.


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Need help financing your next purchase?
Need help financing your next purchase?
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Need help financing your next purchase?